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When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone? What do you think about getting out of your

Just over a month ago, I invested in my personal development, got out of my comfort zone and attended the Speakers Institute premiere online Bootcamp….

Today I have made the final commitment to the Protege Program. This is a 12 month commitment which will include weekly coaching sessions, 9 full day bootcamps and numerous other activities.

Why am I doing this? In my online space journey I’ve discovered I enjoy the Live and video factor of the space. It allows ones presence to be more dynamic, people get to see you and ultimately know you, like you and trust you. So important in a digital world where you don’t really know who is behind the words and images you see online.

Then my husband said to me- “You need to speak better….more clearly, you stumble on your words……..”

“Ok…..” Says I. I’m trying…..

Then a serendipitous moment occurred. @Fiona Brown , president of PSWIB happened to be giving away something on FB marketplace. Not realising it was her until we’d been conversing a while about picking her item up, the penny dropped and we both said “that’s so weird as we’d literally been in a zoom call together the day before!”

So we’re picking the item up from Fiona who said, “I’m in a workshop all day, come early so I can show you where the item is”.

Fiona was attending a online training with the Speakers Institute…..”Ah maybe that’s what I need to do”

So here I am… a few months later, a few comfort zones away from where I was back then and excited about where I will be in the next 12 months.

Like to chat about getting out of your comfort zone?

Let’s chat! I’ve got a few slots in my calendar and would love to hear your story, what’s stopping you from doing that thing that you want to do and maybe we can work together….

Book a call!

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