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The Treasurer of NSW....

I just attended a Q&A for small businesses direct to the Treasurer of NSW!

This was their first tele seminar where you could ask a question live to the Treasurer.

While listening, a question came to mind.

"Could there be an area of coaching and training for retailers and small business to learn how to move their business to online platforms in a fresh and creative way?"

Back story,

My name is Adrienne Francis owner of Vitamin Bead in Tea Gardens NSW.

May be some of you are aware of Tea Gardens, some of you may even know my Boutique, Vitamin Bead!

I've been in retail for 25 years, and during that time, there has been massive change in the whole retail space.

Two years ago I began using Facebook Live as a powerful tool in my Boutique to reach out to my audience. My Boutique was plateauing and the slope looked a bit slippery. I had to do something.

Overcoming my aversion (as with a lot of people) of being in front of camera, I got over myself and mastered the Facebook Live platform. Now Vitamin Bead's presence online reaches my audience and even in these Covid times....brings them over the doorstep.

This has led me to wanting to share my knowledge and help other Boutiques, retailers and small business to learn how to use the tools of technology we have at our fingertips.

Imagine an area of Service NSW dedicated to the sharing of this knowledge in the form of coaching an training. To help small retail outlets move to the online space and help them to thrive. I think this should be instigated and I would be keen to be a part of it.

Note: As of now, 30th April, Vitamin Bead retail turn over has dropped by 90%. Our Paypal sales created by Facebook activity has increased by 150%. Our Website sales has increased by 75%

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