• Adrienne Francis

The "Going Live" Queen

This phrase came from one of my clients I coach last week!!

I've been going Live on Facebook in my retail Boutique for nearly two years now. I began going Live and working the Social Media Space as more competitors opened up around my store diluting the audience. Also online shopping has changed the way people shop-especially now.

Finding ourselves in the midst of a pandemic and everyone having to stay at home has resulted in retail stores becoming empty, devoid of customers - very similar to how I have found my store to be - except even more so.

In my Boutique, Vitamin Bead I have experimented with different tactics to reach my audience and uncover a new way to make sales. I've developed a five step process to creating sales via Facebook and selling without a website.

"Comment sold, and this is coming to you" the call to action on every post I make.

It's a new playing field out there. I am super grateful that we have the online space and platforms to be able to use to learn a new way of doing business.

If this resonates with you and your retail space, and would like to know more about using the power of Lives in your store, please message me.

I am looking for 5 Boutique owners who would like to move their Brick and Mortar business online and would like some help around that.

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