• Adrienne Francis

#tbt Have you used any Live elements online in your marketing? Not sure where to begin?


Don’t want to get in front of camera?

I get it! I was like that too!

Three years ago, you’d NEVER see me in front of the camera…..ever.

Then this happened…. I was having $25 days in my retail store Vitamin Bead………a main competitor opened up across the road and I just KNEW I had to do something.

I began going LIVE…….what…..?

Yes Live….in front of camera…..and unedited - ( who has time in their business to edit?

I found that people loved the fact it was real and unedited….Here's a pic of me taken from the first Live I ever did.....

Did it work?


People from near and far were “Where are you…?” - as I was so nervous I totally forgot to say where my Boutique was….

Could I see the ROI?


What ever we talk about - or promote, there were many people who came in store and many sales resulting off the Live posts..

What does it cost?

NOTHING - a few minutes of your time, a step out of your comfort zone, a little technical knowledge and that’s it.

Do you wish you could go live?

Leave me a comment below……

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