• Adrienne Francis

#tbt Do your staff get involved in your Social Media?

When I asked one of my clients last year what was the main takeaway she got from working with me, it was when her staff member had a coaching session with me.

Holly had found it great to work with me on a 1:1 basis, but then difficult to translate the enthusiasm and excitement about the possibilities she was discovering to her staff in store.

Then I had a session with her staff member and it all changed….

They were both on the same page. Both realised the potential of what they could do.

Shared the same enthusiasm as each other.

Bouncing off each other they moved ahead with their social media journey to help the expand their business, harness the opportunities and have FUN together while doing it.

If you have a staff member it’s a valuable investment to get them on the dame page as you.

This is one of the benefits of coaching with me, as I can work with you and your staff to get you all excited and ready to hit that Live button and make more sales:)

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