• Adrienne Francis

#tbt Do you Love to travel?

One of the things I love about Social Media is that you can do it from where ever you are…..

2 Years ago I FINALLY made it to London (loooong story - I can tell you one day).

Enroute to London, I’d dropped into Bangkok to source product for my Boutique Vitamin Bead.

As the products made their way into store….. I made my way to Australia House with my daughters as one of them had to vote!

It was cold, breezy and I had one of my new bright red pashminas with me…..

Wanting to do a Live for my Boutique back in Australia, I got my girl to hold the phone and yes, I went Live outside of Australia House on the streets of London talking to my

Customers about our beautiful new pashminas in store……..

Social Media means you can travel. You can market your business fro FREE on the platforms from where ever you are.

You can drive traffic to your store, make more sales and have FUN while doing it….

Do you need help getting confident to push that Live button?

Don’t know what to talk about when you go live?

Let’s chat!!!

Free 30 minute calls to see if we can work together!

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