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Shawna's Testimonial

The style of coaching I use with Shawna is following the guidelines of code of conduct as outlined by the International Coaching Federation.

This coaching style is one of close listening, thoughtful questions, then offering interesting observations and ideas about how some things maybe able to be accomplished.

More Life coaching based, Shawna and I began over a year ago when we had

"all fallen off our horse" (quote from James Wedmore)

with covid and it was time to get back on - the right horse- and move on with life.

Big decisions were made- including Shawna selling her business of 10 years.

After her first round of coaching was completed I loved her priceless quote,

"And I didn't even know I needed coaching!"

Here's her latest testimonial which she kindly wrote for me.

"Working with Adrienne has unlocked a new dimension to my life. I am forever grateful for her guidance to check in with my emotions first, then to CELEBRATE my successes before planning some BHAGs. She is a font of enthusiasm and surprising resources. Willing to lend you her experienced, long bootstraps – but know she will hold you accountable and push you way out of your comfort zone. And is worth every scary moment. Adrienne helped me clarify that I wasn’t living my best life, then helped me plan the steps to living my dream (which included selling my business) and is now helping me put on a brave face to step into my new career."

We are still working together celebrating, removing obstacles, crafting goals and carving the life she desires.

I love this niche of my coaching where people have the chance to create the life they deserve.

Do you desire to have a Coach to help you move forward in areas in your life?

Book a 30 minute "chemistry session" to see if the chemistry is right & I'm the one to work with!

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