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It's Easter Sunday April 12th and my usual bustling boutique is silent. Full of beautiful clothing, jewellery and trinkets....but no people. We can be open, but everyone has been told to stay at home.

We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic where the world as we know it is no more.

What has radically changed for those of us who are Boutique owners is we now must take our Boutique online. I refer this to "bringing your Boutique to life online".

In my Boutique Vitamin Bead, we have been doing this for the last 2 years. With the use of Facebook lives, we've grown our audience, I've trained my manager up and she's now getting the recognition....but we could not always keep up with the products on our website.

Now, we have the time to do this.

Our schedule at the moment is looking like this:

We're working on outfits and packs so we

1/ Identify the outfit.

2/ Work on the still images.

3/ Measure up and write the wording.

4/ Load onto our Shopify Site.

5/ Post onto our Social Media sites.

6/ Go live with the outfit. Bringing it to life online and having real time chats with our customers.

So considering how much stock we have in store, we will be busy for some time. I'm hugely grateful we have these amazing tools of technology at our fingertips. With training and perseverance, we will survive this time.

My passion is to help you - Boutique owner where ever you may be- to do the same.

I'm here for you and offering free coaching to help you through this difficult period of time.

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