• Adrienne Francis

One Top Marketing Tip for 2021

Five reasons Why.....

What will you add to your content marketing in 2021?

Do you wonder how you can make content in a more fun, dynamic and creative way?

Are you always scrambling for ideas and not sure what to do?

The top marketing tip for 2021 is Going Live on Social media!

Neil Patel and Eric Zhu from Sales and Marketing School Podcast on the 6th of November bought us this one top tip.

My drive to work is 20 minutes and I use this time to catch up on some micro podcasts. This one felt as though they were talking to ME!

I've been going live in my boutique Vitamin Bead for close to 3 years now. In conjunction with Patel an Zhu's podcast let's break this one tip into 5 reasons why this works.

1/ Going Live on Social Media equals interaction and engagement.

We all know that this is what the algorithm loves.

Liken the Social Media Platforms to soap boxes people used to jump up on and talk to crowds. What would happen? People would flock to the speaker and listen to them!

Then picture this, you put up a A4 sheet of paper with some pretty pictures on it and an awesome deal. People will walk/scroll straight past - there's nothing there to grab their attention.

2/ Going live on Social Media to get people to know like and trust you is very effective.

When beginning my live activities I realised to be consistent I would have to show up as my authentic self. If I had to get dolled up all the time, it wouldn't happen. Showing up online as your authentic self is key.

Now when people come into my boutique, they see me as they see me online. They feel comfortable, almost at home as they peruse the merchandise and immerse themselves in the shopping experience.

3/ Selling on live works extremely well.

The style and the way you do your lives is part of the fun of creating your content. You can dream up new ideas of how to show your products or services off. Keep in mind you want to make the customer journey super easy for them to understand and buy from you.

You can get people to buy from you by leaving a comment. They don't even have to go to your check out page.

4/ Engage with your customers in store to let them tell your watchers their success story of using your products or services.

This allows you to get reviews and testimonials in real time from real people and capture that to inform viewers.

Last week I had a lovely old chap who had been using a Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser we have in store. He had had wonderful success with clearing up a skin condition he had on his arms. Richard was so enthusiastic about the product I know it couldn't be missed.

"Would you mind if we could go live on facebook so we can let out other customers know of your success?" I asked him.

Richard Angel loved it and told his story for my viewer. We then shared it out to the community pages and got over 4k views.

Our new stock of Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser sold out within 2 days!

5/ Going live is the future.

The Live function is available on so many platforms. Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and others all have the live functionality.

This is an opportunity that is too good to ignore.

When I began my Lives I would shoo everyone out of the Boutique.

"Why do you want us out of the shop when the whole world can see you?" I was asked..... It was the way I had to begin.

My daughters are proud of me, it's good to embrace technology, especially when it equates to success.

The future is here, there are so many technological advances it can be overwhelming.

This is one of the technologies product and service based businesses need to embrace.

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