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October 2020 is NSW Small Business Month

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

October 2020 is NSW small business month. I stumbled across the announcement somewhere on the internet...(it's a busy world out there).

I've put my hand up to be a partner collaborator.

The theme which resonated with me is:

Building your brand on social

How to market your business on social media, build your brand, protect your reputation and attract the customers you want.

This resonated with me as I've been using Facebook Live in my store for two years. This has helped me market my business on Social Media. For Free.

I can help other retailers do the same. Having a Social Media presence is a good way of marketing your business. It's a great way to reach out to your customers wherever they are.

Let's break the theme down today talking about building your brand on social.

What's The Key?

Consistency is Key

brand guide

Social media especially and the online space, consistency is key.

We can break this into two forms of consistency.

Consistency is about showing up online on a consistent basis.

It's about having the same look and the same brand feel with your posts. Branding is the key that helps people to recognise you.

The benefit of brand consistency is about brand recognition. When people see you in the newsfeed and their social media, they recognise you.

It's your colours and fonts. This helps build trust and loyalty and differentiating your brand from the others.

Do you know how many times does someone have to see you to recognise your brand on social media? It's anything from seven to 15 times online.

I can relate it to seeing new people in store. You can tell whether they've been to my store, or seen us online. If they have seen us online they're confident, even if they haven't been in store before. They come in, and they walk around like they feel like they know the place - they own it.

If they come in, and they've never heard of Vitamin Bead, they are very circumspect. You see them looking. They might walk out and have to come back in several times before they feel confident enough to actually buy anything from you.

Brand messaging is all the same. The format of the template is always the same.

Online, this is how people recognise you. Then they can concentrate on is the content that you're providing them for the day. Whether it's a new arrival or something that you want to clear out.

Branding Basics

With branding you need two to three brand colours and two three fonts.

As a retailer, a small business person who has many things to do this is great news. You don't have to make a new template. You can use your template and you put your energy into your content. Making it quick and easy to create and schedule social media for your business.

This means that there is no excuse not to do social media for your business. This is an amazing free marketing tool.

You can do your social media. Integrate it into your daily routine. It's just like opening the door to your store.

So, would you like to have these skills in your business?

Would you like to know how to go live online?

Book a free 30-minute call with me to discuss, where you want. Social media to go for you and how to incorporate Social Media into your business.

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