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New ideas on stocking your Boutique

Part of my work in Vitamin Bead, my Boutique is to travel overseas to source the products we stock. Now and for the near future I can't travel so I'm having to creatively think my way around this problem.

I can order stock from overseas, and I just have done - although I'm waiting to see how long it will take to arrive. I've got a 20kg box which departed Thailand yesterday with Fed Ex, so watch this space to find out how long it takes.

What I have decided to do is to stock Australian made products. I have my first order of Crystl Candles which will be in store next Monday and I have arranged to go Live on Facebook with the maker where I will be asking her about her products.

Questions will include her back story, how she makes her candles, the story of the scents of her candles and the crystals which are actually inside the wax of the candle. The meanings of the crystals, candle care and what can be done with the jar after the candle is spent.

This Facebook Live post I will share out to community pages and It will be interesting to see the results and feedback.

Going to the next level I will create a QR code which I will have next to the products in store. People can then scan the QR code and be taken directly to the Facebook Live video where they can get to meet the maker and hear the story of the candle creation.

Products can be amazing and with a story they are even better.

I'll blog about the results next week, where I hope to have sold out of the first order with the use of Social Media.

In my retail coaching business, skeptical retailers need tangible results. i'll spend the next three months creating results so I can convert the skeptics and help them achieve the retail success they deserve.

Credit pics @CrystlCandles

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