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We're halfway through to May.

I've decided to make it Mindset May.

Let's work through May to have in our mindset in the way that's going to help us serve. Let's have our mindset, so we can help other people as well.

Did you know that 80% of what we do as an entrepreneur is about our mindset?

Once we've got our mindset, 20% is action.

Is our mind always set? We've always got to work on that mindset. So that's why it's 80% of what we do.

Do you spend 80% of your time on you mindset & then 20% action?

The other day I was on my sailing boat cleaning mould.

I was thinking about my businesses, Vitamin Bead. My Airbnb business and my Coaching business. I was in overwhelm.

While in overwhelm, the was no gratitude. Only a inward rolling of the eyes, wondering why it all seemed like such a chore.

I caught myself. As I jumped in the dinghy and rowed back to shore, I'm like, "Adrienne Francis give your self a slap and shift that mindset."

How dare, how can I even think like that? I was not appreciating what I've got. I wasn't valuing everything, and my mindset was in the wrong space. I had caught myself.

I managed to self coach and set my mind to a much better space

Do you ever feel that way?

Do you ask yourself, "What am I doing?. "Why am I doing this?" Those sort of things you've got to always talk to yourself about.

That's why it's good to have a coach to support you around these emotions too.

I have this image of a Mindset coach being a goal to reach. Set your mind, your goal to where you want to be. That's where your coach is hanging out for you. Then imagine blockages that you may encounter to be like a hurdle.

Those hurdles are put there by your mind. This is where the 80% of work comes in. To get yourself over, through, around those hurdles and closer to your goal. Your coach's job will be to keep encouraging you. To keep you on the right path. To help you work towards those goals. To point out when those goals need to change. Reminding you goals, like life are set to be flexible.

I want to introduce you to Bob. I went live with Bob today who is my client based in Adelaide.

Bob is a master leather craftsman. His story is amazing. His workmanship and work shop is impressive.

Bob was so nervous. I had tried to get him to launch himself on Social Media last September- but he wasn't ready.

Now he's ready but it still took five or six days to get Bob ready for an intro video.

He's making me a pair of sandals. We want to create that first interview so we can talk about you get to meet you. Have a look at the fantastic leather that you're using! And then we can talk about your love and your passion of leather.

Bob kept throwing the hurdles up in the form of excuses of why he couldn't do it.

So I made a little video to show what will be involved in the interview. This can be for anybody out there who's got a product based business and wants to go live with me. It's as simple as that. So I made a quick video to say, this is how easy it is.

So we got over that little hurdle (5-6 days=80% mindset) . Then the 20% of action was a 9 minute video. We got to meet Bob, we got to see his fantastic leather and leather work shop.

The story will be continued as Bob makes my sandal. We're going to see him through stages of making the handmade leather sandal. We'll bring it to life online. People can really see what handmade means.

How's your mindset going?

Let me know how's your mindset going.

Do you find it difficult sometimes to shift your mindset into a positive frame? One where you need to take that action once you've got that mindset happening?

I've got three, 30 Minute Calls.

If you'd like to chat with me about your mindset, I can help set your mindset. Set your goals. I can be your sounding board, and then I'll come back to you. Hey, how about this, look at it in a different way. That's what the coach is all about. That's why I'm so excited to be in this coaching space and to be here to help you, so then you can help more people. Which is what it's all about helping everyone help each other.

Hope you have a great mindset at the moment.

If not, speak to me. Ciao.

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