• Adrienne Francis

Into Paint?

So, how much are you into paint?

Now, this post is going to be a little different, because I am the consumer in this story! Today I went into a paint place with my husband and the people who served us in the store gave us a traditional, old style experience. They provided us with easy, relaxed, yet professional customer service. But, after leaving I found myself wondering why this experience had felt so different from all the other times I have been into paint stores — and, ultimately, the difference was that guys were so into their product. As we asked them our questions, their knowledge of the product unfolded.

And they were super helpful! They even carried our paint up to the car.

To give you a bit more of a picture, I was at home where we are currently finishing up some renovations. When my husband and I sit down, figuring out the multitude of paints which have been used over the years — we have four different types of paints to shop for! There are different finishes on the paints, different colours and all need to be able to cover a different surface area. I could sense that my husband was getting overwhelmed, so we decide to make the trip with me tagging along for ‘paint support’.

After running around Newcastle in search of fabled ‘suede paint’, we are running low on hope. The day behind us seems infinite and we are still missing half of the paints that we have come for — we reach the final paint shop in Newcastle. We go in, breath bated, and they have it! They have our paint! But, this place is different. It is something you feel straight away, walking through the door. This is a place where they actually love what they do. 

I feel like at this point I am appreciating paint too!

$500. 4 tins of paint. It’s a big investment. And that is not even including the work that goes into painting. It is an incredible investment of time, money, and it isn’t something that you want to muck around with. So, you want to make sure that you have the right product. And working with these guys, who were so into the paint was a bit of a relief.

We conferred with three of them. One is the third generation who has been working with paint. The other was second generation. Listening to the three of them talk about colours, mixing, pigments and specialty paints was an incredible experience.

We learnt tips on the best way to store your paint, clean your brushes, the difference between water based paints, and oil based paints. They totally were immersed in the paint!

My one tip as a consumer, is to have questions prepared to ask and have time to listen any advice that the experts have for you.

I was so enraptured that I had to flick out my phone and do a Facebook live.

"Tips on how to preserve your paint"

You know when you spend 100 bucks on a tin of paint, and only end up using a little bit? Well, you definitely want to make sure the remaining paint stays good! We got a bucket load of tips on how to make sure that you'll be able to use those three quarters of a tin of paint.

I was reignited by people who were passionate about what they were selling. The experience was so different from dealing with people who are behind the counter and have no drive behind the products they are selling.

Inspiration Paint has 186 paint stores around Australia, and we just so happened to go to the paint head office. Maybe that's why we had such a good experience!

Anyway, I hope I got to paint you an exciting story about customer service, the value of knowing your product and the value of your product!

If you sell a product that you make — make sure you absolutely know the product and love it. Spill that excitement over to the person in front of you.

What ever it is, product or service, make them excited about what you are doing in order to give them a great immersive experience and achieve the best outcome for all involved.

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