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Friday Night....

It was a late Friday night in Tea Gardens NSW Australia. It'd had been a productive day

in Vitamin Bead, my Boutique. My team had rallied in and many an outfit was being modelled and content being produced.

I'm grabbing lots of mini shots on my i phone and popping them up onto my IG and FB stories, letting our audience see some of the behind the scenes shots and hard work.

The Gallery around the corner from Vitamin Bead has a fantastic garden and we'd scored permission to use the garden setting for a photo shoot.

My daughter Bella rocked up with her Nikon camera and the shoot was underway.

With Bella we're specifically working on getting some great quality slide shots for the Vitamin Bead website.

Feeling like naughty girls we were giggling and having fun. Did 2 outfit shots and ran back around to Vitamin Bead to get new outfits on.

Antique Kimono's , Japanese Silk tops, Tie Die jackets, necklaces and jewellery adorned us and back around we raced. More pics on IG & FB stories. Photographer quality shots for the sliders and poof, that was it Time was up. Models left and I was back in Vitamin Bead surveying the chaos of piles of clothing and jewellery laying around.

Bella was off to Sydney, with the promise of getting the edited shots to me by Monday. One thing I realised I had no shots on my phone to remember what all the outfits were that we had done- note to do that next time.

Back on the laptop and I was discussing a new feature I'd come across on Facebook where you can upload multiple videos at once. You can also edit the thumbnail and add captions. So while I was talking to my manager about the new features - I'm like, "tell you what, I'll make a loom video to show how>"

Loom is an app where you can record your screen and talk through what you are doing at the same time.

So coaching my manager and creating content for future readers to have access to and use for their own business.

I attach a link to the video so you can see it too.

I had my 1:1 coaching all with a client from 4-5, helping her create her new "horses". This analogy came after listening to a James Wedmore podcast. James likened the impact of Covid on everyone's business as the same as "falling off your horse" and those that get up and back on will succeed. She, however is dreaming up new horses. It's rewarding to see how just a bit of coaching accountability results in people creating goals and getting them done, initiating change.

So then it's 5pm and I jsut didn't feel like my work was complete. Aha! I hadn't gone live on the Facebook platform- where I consider it to be the place to jump up and sing your tune to whoever will tune in...your fans and customers of course.

I had the last outfit that I'd modelled and had 4 of them. Same style but different tie die patterns, so I labelled each of the three and placed that label on the coat hanger.

Gearing up for the live, I switched the ring light on, placed my phone just above eye level popped a description in and hit the go live button.

I always begin with "It's Adrienne from Vitamin Bead, coming to you Live from Tea Gardens, NSW Australia - to where ever you are in the whole wide world- that's probably at home on your phone...."

So I had a wee chat about what we'd done that day and then showed off the outfits that I had ready for the Live.

By 5.30pm my work was complete and the one I was wearing sold.

I sold another by the time I'd driven home. That was an extra 2 items sold for the day and in this Covid Climate beat my store sales for the day.

Very happy with the return on investment of just an extra 5 minutes work.

I you are a retailer and reading this, when did you go live in your Boutique? Have you ever gone Live in your Boutique?

Would you like to learn how? Just for a small investment in your self and a little bit of time you will help move your business into the 20's and learn how to thrive in the new ways of retailing. It is well worth while and important for your success.

Here's the link to the training video on changing a video thumbnail and adding captions.

Here's the link to the creator studio section in Facebook

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