• Adrienne Francis

Five Keys to Creative magic

Updated: Nov 8

I discovered this podcast on "Creative Magic" recently by Jim Kwik, Brain coach.

At the end of his podcasts Jim always encourages the listener to share what learnings you take away from the episode and as I'm reading a book about "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert, I thought it too much of a coincidence to not share it with you and create content around each of the letters of MAGIC.

Here's excerpts from Jim Kwiks podcast....

Let’s talk about the five keys to creative magic.

What are the five elements to unleashing your creativity super power? I believe the future belongs to the creatives in a world where things are being automated, they're going to artificial intelligence. What truly is not going to be outsourced is that which is limitless -- there is no limit to your creativity, to your imagination.

There is also no limit to our ability to use our creativity to solve problems. I believe that creativity is a real life superpower and regardless of your age, career, education, or your gender, all of us can unlock our creativity.

Here's five tips to be able to tap into that creative power, to solve problems, to innovate more, to create that blog or social media or that book that you've always wanted to write.

Regardless of where you are, all of us can increase our creativity. Quite simply we weren't taught how!

Remember the acronym -- ‘Magic’.

M: Mindset.

For Mindset, we are looking at the attitudes and assumptions you have about creativity.

Do you believe it's possible for anyone to be creative? Do you believe it's possible for you to be creative? Do you believe you deserve to be creative?

Two of the most powerful words in the English language are the shortest ones.

I am.

What if you say ‘I am creative’? Say it to yourself right now. Say it out loud!

If you are having a conversation, notice what comes up when you say that -- when you say I am an artist or writer or producer, what do you feel?

I am creative.

How does that make you feel? Do you feel aligned with that? And if you feel maybe it doesn't fit your current identity, then no worries, because all of us have this genius and it is not about how smart you are.

It's how you are smart.

We all have this ability to be creative, maybe we just weren't encouraged to be. True creativity is not born, it is built. Creativity is something that you build, you discover and develop it in order to incorporate it into a larger part of our work. But, really it is about mindset. Creativity does not have to be restricted to the traditional forms, you can get experimental with it!

When you tell yourself that you are not creative, not an artist, not a writer or singer or whatever is your way of expressing creativity -- then your mindset will follow.

So, be aware of how you talk about yourself.

Be aware of your limiting beliefs. Self awareness is a superpower -- ultimately, you do not have creativity, you do creativity!

A: Ask.

Ask! Questions are the answer. When you ask a question it focuses your mind onto something brand new, and this is why questions are so important. When you are talking about creativity, you think about creative individuals.

You know, maybe you're thinking about people who innovate, right? If you want to get an answer that no one has ever gotten before, ask a question no one's ever asked before!

Like, how can I be more creative? What am I not paying attention to right now? A big part of creativity is putting two things together and creating something brand new. So, what two elements can I connect together and create something that wasn't there before? How can I be more innovative?

All these questions are going to lead to brand new answers and evoke creativity. That's a big element to creativity.

G: Goals

I want you to think about goals in two different ways.

I want you to think about setting goals that are creative -- setting creative goals means knowing what your goals are! Ask what are your goals to be more creative? And how are you setting that up?

Because a goal is clarity, which then becomes power.

So what are your goals around being more creative?

Are you going to write 30 minutes a day? Are you going to indulge in your music? Set creative goals around taking time to disconnect to reconnect?

Think about how everything in your life was once created in somebody's mind.

So when it comes to goals, it always starts with your head.

And then it goes from your head to your heart to your hands -- because that’s what creativity really is. Imagination in action.

Start by writing your goals down.

That is the first step when setting creative goals. I actually highly encourage you to handwrite these goals -- it becomes more personal and those goals are now a physical thing. You've made something invisible in your mind visible for everyone else to see.

Maybe you have a vision board for your goals! Be inventive with the ways you project these goals -- maybe even have a gratitude board.

This way not only will you have a vision board for your creative dreams and goals, but also as you hit those amazing creative goals you will also have those things you have gratitude for.

You do not have to wait for a greater life to feel grateful, start celebrating and appreciating things now and you will have a greater life.

I: Imagination.

You know what knowledge is, but imagination is what could be and imagination is where you're representing in your mind something you're seeing or you're maybe feeling or you're hearing or tasting maybe when it comes to food, something that that you could create.

Imagination is the first step for creativity.

And ultimately, creativity is imagination in action.

C: Care.

Now, it is vital to care for the most powerful creativity tool on planet Earth in the known universe, which is what?

Your brain!

Your creativity stems from the power of your limitless mind, so it is vital to care for it.

If you're not sleeping very well, then how creative are you going to be the next day? How creative Are you going to be able to write, produce music or do your visual graphics or create the best version of yourself? Caring for your brain is vital to create magic. Working on yourself is some of the most important work you will do and you are the greatest project you will ever get to work on!

Make time. Take time. Create magic.

How to Love your Brain

Eating the right brain food! Exercise! This especially is a great way of being more creative. As your body moves your brain grooves -- a lot of times we're not creative because we're stuck. A stagnant body leads to a stagnant mind, and moving differently leads to new ideas.

Spend time around creative individuals that spark your imagination and make you think of things in brand new ways! This will force you to think in different new ways and will refresh your perspective.

Finally, is stress management. Manage your str