• Adrienne Francis

Feel like a kid.....

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of "things" you can do online?

Notice the wording...."can do", at times we tell ourselves we "have to".

"Have to"' can have a tendency to turn the online space into overwhelm.

"Oh gosh...I have to this on Instagram, I have to be over there on Facebook, I need to post that onto Google My Business"..........and you walk away from your computer, overwhelmed and already "defeated" as it's all just too much.

When we turn it into "can do" it makes one feel a bit like a kid.

Research shows;

  • The usual assumption is “you stopped playing because you got older”, but actually, you grow older because you stop playing.

Jim Kwik

So how about we make the online space more "fun?"

When you were at school one of the big questions is,

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

that incessant question that can make one freeze as perhaps some of us still don't know what we want to be when we "grow up".

Now imagine the online space is like a huge school ground, where do you want to be on those grounds?


I feel like a kid. Daily opening up my phone flicking through to see what changes have been made.

I don't spend much time looking at others, I see a possibility and with child like enthusiasm of what can i do with this?

I investigate, explore and dream up the potential of how that could be used in my and others businesses.

Then go and use the idea, the technology, dream it up and create it.

My own Boutique Vitamin Bead is working from behind closed doors. It's a surreal experience watching the world unfolding on the news to how it may look in the future. I turn my back on it as I walk outside and enjoy the birds, the sun all the beautifulness the world has to offer.

Use this time wisely to see the future and how you can create it.

With these tools at our fingertips it's exciting to pick them up and create new ways of business.

As lockdowns occur new strategies have to be dreamt up. Implementing these in Vitamin Bead is helping "keep the engine running".

It's also created that moment in time that's consolidated the need for new strategies.

One strategy the creation of online events, where it's beneficial to collaborate with others and make it interactive and informative as well as generating sales.

I was corrected the other day when I referred to myself as "working from home",

I was told to say "I'm working online" which is what we're being pushed to do and it's up to us come up with the way we want to do it.

Is this resonating with you? We are all at our own development stages in the online space. Finding others who are where you'd like to be and are on the same wavelength is important to help make your journey a better one.

I invite you to consider thinking younger and look at the potential of the internet as what it can be. Like school, we don't all enjoy the way we're told what to do.

Looking at it with fresh eyes and possibilities, it's up to us to make it fun and part of our lives. Enabling us to live the way we want and carve the pathway of possibility for yourself.

If you'd like to find out more about working with me, please drop a line, or you're ready to spend time with myself and my tribe, register to dial in on group coaching sessions 8.00am every Wednesday AEST on zoom.

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