• Adrienne Francis

Didn't even know....I needed a coach....

It was beautiful listening. My client was stepping through all her wins and celebrations she has discovered since working with me.

One statement that made me smile,

"I didn't even know I needed a coach, how do I keep working with you?"

In April I had been out walking and listening to James Wedmore on the podcast.

"Literally the whole world has fallen off their horse...and those who get back up on their horse as soon as they can, will be in a much better way. They'll be in front, stronger and ready for the new world we are finding ourselves entering"

I bumped into my neighbour who I relayed this metaphor to.

"I'm looking for a new horse," she said.......

"Let me help you," I said.....

Three months later we'd reached our final 1:1 coaching session.

Both client and coach happy with the outcomes I just had to share them here.

Clarity, steps into the next world we find ourselves in are clearer.

Fear of what may be, now pushed aside as my client had created her "horses" that she could potentially be interested in pursuing.

Ironing out Bumps in the road.... small bumps can create fear, a niggling feeling there's something not quite right. Even though these bumps may not even pop up on your goals for the week, they still need to be attended to. Once ticked off, the pathway is smoother and an easier place to ride your horse.

Routine and discipline. We are now working at home, this takes discipline!

This was a huge breakthrough for my client who has crafted her routine and could clearly see how much of a difference this had made.

That's a quick overview of the outcomes. There were times when this was hard work. When you reach deep down to uncover what is holding you back. Deep down where do you want to be? How to set goals and achieve them?

Have you ever worked with a coach?

A coach is someone who makes space for you in a non judgemental capacity. An accountability buddy. Someone who has a capacity to view the situation from a detached space - therefore able to offer fresh suggestions and advise, helping to create those lightbulb moments.

I'm excited to be involved in the coaching industry. It's the new way of educating, it's specific for the client and their niche to fast track and gain results and confidence.

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