• Adrienne Francis

Breakthrough week.

The most exciting thing as a coach is when your client has THE break through and you know your work is done.

This week I was coaching my client who I have been working with for 3 months now and it was like a breath of fresh air. The obstacles we had been discussing were "so last month" to her now. The hurdles had been jumped and her confidence muscles were pumped.

She's a good one to use these analogies on as she is a Personal Trainer so talking in this way made sense to her.

Her hurdles were getting herself visible online. She didn't understand why people would want to see "her". In her eyes she was boring or not as polished as others she may have aspired to be like.

In this breakthrough call we compared her clarity to that of moving that mindset of being perfect to be seen online. After removing that obstacle and becoming real and more vunurable she realised she was giving much more and getting so much more from the tribe she was attracting.

"They really want to see ME".

"Oh Yes", I replied "that's why they chose to follow you - they believe in you and want to see - YOU".

To be online, you have to be you. When I began going live in my boutique 2 years ago, I realised I HAD to be me. I couldn't get all made up for online and then my customers come into the Boutique, take one look at me in the real and one look at me would've not been the real me!

It takes a little while to build up that confidence muscle. Bit by bit, day by day you get stronger and with it you get clarity. Clarity on who you want in your tribe. Clarity on who you want to be and do in your business to move yourself forward.

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