• Adrienne Francis

Awkwardness of something new.

Do you do yoga? Does it help you?

I was in a very awkward pose this morning - where “subtle cross-body work for dimensionality” was feeling anything but easy.

“This is what moving into the coaching space feels like,” I said to my yoga buddy daughter…..

“Ugh why’s it sooooo difficult?”

It should be easy… what is it about things that make them so hard?

I’m in retail and been using Facebook to strengthen the foundation of my business. Now I want to help other retailers do the same.

So I’m wondering is it the cross dimensionality of bricks and mortar retail to online space and relationships?

Or is it there is no other Retail Facebook Coaches? Or is it I’m making FRC a thing!!!???

Is it because for it to be a good thing you need to persevere and move through the difficulty?

The stuffiness.

The beating yourself up as you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere -except running in circles?

Hmmm as I cross referenced my body. Now sitting here writing this I’m cross referencing back to when I began business 25 years ago.

There were $80 days.

There was rain, wind and storms.

“Is really worth while doing it?” After returning back from a very unsuccessful $80 wet blustery day down at Bondi Beach markets.

(For those of you familiar with Bondi Beach you’ll know what I mean…)

So I know- “Yes” it IS worth the awkwardness.

If I hadn’t persevered 25 years ago what would my life have been like?

So I WILL persevere now.

That’s it!

Watch out retailers, Im coming for you!!!

Let’s get you straight up and confident on the FB platform.

Let’s increase your sales, your customers, your audience, your reach and your confidence in your business.

Work with me….book a call….

Phone +61409985299

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