• Adrienne Francis

Audience vs Community

What's the difference between audience versus community?

It's a simple difference.

Audience are your followers.

Communities are engaged.

That's the main difference between audience and community. When you think of audience think of it as like how many followers you have. Your community is, how many people are super engaged.

Commenting, liking, interacting with you. They will go somewhere to a website - when you say "hey go to this website," or will click a link when you post the link.

Your closed Facebook Group and your networks as examples that can referred to as your community.

I'm planning Networking Retreats. My whole point of doing so is to foster community. To get people to connect with each other to get them to help each other out. To connect with our networking on a deeper level than a quick 10 minute meeting.

The benefits everyone gets from connecting with each other is huge.

So if you think about audience & community they can go hand in hand.

A lot of times when you have an audience, you can use it to build up a community.

A lot of people like you join initially for kind of the talks. But stay for the community.

Everyone in the community are so great. It can be very hard to find people that are like minded that you want to be around. It's hard to find motivated people.

Do you find it hard to find community?

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