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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

A Saturday Success Story.

How I use tools of technology to market products in my Boutique Vitamin Bead.

Step by step.

I usually travel overseas myself to source products which I can't do right now. Now I am looking for Australian made products.

I source the product and I asked the maker of the product if they would come online with me. I arrange the time and send them a zoomvite. We get together in the zoom room where I live stream the interview onto Facebook.

I interview with the maker and live-streamed, the interview onto Facebook. I then share the post out to community groups. This post has 10 comments, 8 shares and 19,000 views.

I actually had a customer drive up from Newcastle (60 km away) to buy the candles. She had watched the interview, which was 18 minutes long from start to finish.

At the end of the interview, there was a tip on candle care. So she knew everything about the candles, which was awesome.

Zoe is the maker of the candles.

They are beautiful crystal candles, with actual real stones in them. They are all Australian made. They smell divine.

So a gorgeous product.

So what happened next. I created a QR code, where customers can scan the code. This will take the customer to the online interview. People who are buying the candle for a gift can scan that save it. Then they can give the recipient of the gift have the link, so they can get to meet the maker and learn all about the candle as well.

This allows customers to go to the source. Meet the maker. Hear about her reasons why she made them. How she makes them. Hearing the whole backstory of the product.

So if you want to go to the interview, scan this QR code.

This is my Success Story.

Now would you like to learn how to use Facebook to make more sales?

I'm Adrienne Francis, Retail Coach.

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I am passionate about working with retailers learn to use these tools of technology.

Facebook is a fantastic way to be able to reach audiences. If you are a product based business, interview the maker and live stream to Facebook. This gives depth to your products. Customers love to know where the product comes from. The why behind the product. The person that made it.

One thing I learned when interviewing Zoe, is that wax has a memory. I didn't know that!

These candles sold out within a few days of receiving the stock.

I'll be reordering coming up to Christmas. Then I can repost and repurpose the interview which is fantastic.

Good luck if you can run with this information and figure it out how to do it. Let me know your success story goes with that.

If you can't figure it out, please book a call with me - I'd love to work with you.

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