Module No. 1

Well done for taking this step to enhance your business.


You are about to learn a how to move into a new shop space -withoutthe overheads.

Help your customers think about you. Help new customers find you!

Consider the reactions of your friends and family when they see you and discover you have learnt something new and you're up with the trends.

There are just three videos to this first module and you should get through it in 30 minutes.

You will be able to dive into it and get going.

This first module works through the following steps...

1A. Going live off your phone & posting to facebook

1A. Going live off your laptop & posting to facebook

1B. Delete a post from phone

1B. Delete a post from laptop

1C. Schedule a post from phone

1C. Schedule a post from laptop

1D. Sharing your post off a laptop and a phone

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The next modules are about top secrets on how to be successful in your retail business on both offline and online.