I grew up in New Zealand amongst a large family of sailors - and learnt how to sail. This led me to be an adventurous soul. I looked to the world outside of New Zealand search for those adventures.  I met my life partner while sailing the east coast of Australia. We were lucky enough to sail across the Indian Ocean to Kenya. Here I bought my first trade beads which led me to open up my Vitamin Bead business.  


Fast forward to 2018. Now in retail for 23 years - the internet and Social Media made a different landscape to conduct business.  I remember websites annoyed me. Social Media mystified me. But looking at the downturn in my business I knew I had to do something.  


I learnt how to use Facebook and Facebook Live. Which I still surprise myself about.  Now knowing what I know it's time for me to share that knowledge.  How to use the power of Facebook to build a new pillar for the foundation of your retail business.  Reach your audiences. Add value to your brand. Drive traffic to your store and to your website. Even sell off Facebook.  Make your children proud of you!  If you are in retail, e-commerce or a hand made product business and know you need to do something, Let's chat!  I look forward to working with you to make your business more successful with the use of Facebook.