Hello, boutique owner!

Welcome to the 3-day success challenge for retailers!

In this digital age and this Covid era, it is time to look outside the box and learn new marketing techniques for your business.

Facebook is a powerful platform that can be considered as your new shopfront.

I have been using Facebook and Facebook Lives in my Boutique for 2 years.
This has allowed me to reach my audiences “where ever they may be in the world”

And, especially through Covid they were at home, most likely on their phones.

Here in this challenge, you will learn about using the live streaming capability of Facebook,
How to do it and ideas for creating content to add value and make sales using the platform.

The Challenge will be run through my closed Facebook Group, making it a safe place to go live or to post your videos up. No one apart from those in the group will see any of this content, so this is a great way to get confident with showing up online in a private environment until you’re ready for the world to see you.

Every evening at 7.30 pm, I will open up a zoom and room where you can come in for a Q&A or watch the live stream on Facebook.

Can’t wait to meet you, get to know you, and help you move into this exciting online space.

Are you excited about joining the 3-day #retail challenge?